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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 25, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we are keeping an eye on three big stories for you tonight. first some nasty weather in our area as we get grazed by a massive winter storm, and after two and a half days of intense searching, police find the body of that missing 11 year old maryland girl, but first an attempted terror attack in the skies over this country. it happened on a flight from amsterdam to detroit. thomas roberts is monitoring the latest developments in the investigation. >> reporter: federal officials say northwest flight 253 was just about to land in detroit when a man on board tried to light a mix of explosive powder and liquid. >> we heard a loud pop and a bit of smoke and then some flames and yelling and screaming. >> that there's a fire on the plane and it was very scary for everyone. >> officials say passengers tackled the man and may have
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prevented him from detonating the explosives allowing the to plane to land safely. >> he jumped over other people and he took care of it so the fire was out. >> authorities arrested a badly burned 23-year-old umar abdumatala from nigeria. >> his hands were wrapped in bandages and le was handcuffed to the railing of the bed. >> immediately a bomb squad went to work making sure no other explosives were on the plane. president obama is calling it an attempted act of terrorism and he asked for increased airline security including additional screening for passengers. the northwest flight used a delta plane originating in nigeria and making a stop over in amsterdam. 278 passengers were on board . officials say he should not have been one of them because he is on the national terror watch list. he is known to have terrorists connections. he says he's working for al qaeda but officials have not confirmed that. they say the attack does not appear well planned and they think he acted alone.
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thomas roberts for cbs news. >> one of the men who tried to stop him was burned in that attack. they are being treated tonight. we sent arthur c out to dulles airport to see how local airports are reacting. i guess security will be stepped up? >> reporter: homeland security says don't be surprised if you do see extra security screening at both domestic and international flights at airports including here at iad. passengers tonight are wondering how this could have happened and how someone could get through the layers being on the watch list and carrying dangerous chemicals. >> it's scary. it doesn't mean that i'm not going to fly folks traveling on christmas day at dulles international airport reacting to what the white house calls an attempted terrorists attack aboard a northwest flight bound for detroit. >> something is going wrong and having explosives inside is like something is not right. >> i pray more that we'll be
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all safe. >> we got lucky. >> retired american airlines captain mark weis is head of the civil aviation team at the spectrum group which provides security consulting. >> it's not if something is going to happen. today would have proved the fact that when it's going to happen. >> he says this breach of security is more than a wake up call. he says it's not how much farther away you get from the 9/11 attacks the safer we are, it's the fact we're getting closer to the next event. >> it seems like in washington that until somebody gets hurt, until something goes boom, it's always pointing the finger we don't have the money to do that. it means we have to be faster and sharper, we have to be more proactive. >> he says that includes better explosive detecting equipment for chemicals and liquids. >> people who are conducting these terrorists activities are smart, patient, and they know what they're doing. >> you hope there's perfection in the system so you hope they
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do as good of a job as can be done. >> tsa officials rxing everyone to be more vigilante always and you can always also be part of the solution and not be a victim, if you report anything suspicious to officials. 9 news now and >> well, thank you and as you might imagine, increased security could cause longer lines at the airport as you and your family are trying to travel at the end of the holiday weekend so as we've said many times, pack your patience and leave yourself plenty of time. as i mentioned earlier we're also following developments out of salsbury, maryland where late this afternoon investigators found the body of 11 year old sarah foxwell, south of the delaware border. you saw the first at 9 news now at 6:00 so wie we check in with bri jackson live with the latest. >> reporter: derek, what could have been this communities holiday miracle has actually turned into our worst nightmare. today they found 11 year old
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sarah haleigh foxwell's body. sarah went missing on tuesday from her family's home and then on wednesday, an amber alert wasissued and crewed started searching and today thousands of volunteers showed up to help and today at 4:00 this sweet little girls body was found dead and now thomas james leg is in police custody and he's already been charged with burglary and kidnapping. the sheriff says he will do everything he can to make sure justice will be served in this case. >> if there's ever been a case for the death penalty it's this one but we'll have to work for the next several hours well into tomorrow processing this crime scene. we're going to give this victim all the dignity and all the respect she deserves but we're going to slowdown, and methodically process this crime scene so we leave no stone unturned tonight. >> and as you can imagine, news
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of this death has come of shock through our entire community. everyone here is heart broken. in fact earlier today more than 4000 people came out to volunteer to help in this search, and right now, our entire community here in salsbury is devastated. for now, 9 news now. >> from our sister station, wb oc, we thank them for their help and those investigators of course did not have the greatest conditions to work in today but tonight our area is out from under that flood watch and the dense fog advisory. let's get straight to devon in the weather center with that forecast improving. >> good news in the weather center that we've got those flood watches and fog advisory is gone. weather is starting to lift. doppler radar 9,000 we've got the last of the rain pushing through and it's light rain. i've got the radar on the highest sensitivity levels and we've got light showers, out 66 in northern virginia and into
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parts of maryland we have light rain there but the keyword there is light. we're not expecting anything in way of more heavy rain. i'll put this in motion to get a general sense of the rain moving south to due north now and as we go to weather radar we'll go to our weather computer and see their wake up weather is calling for if anything a sprinkle or two, a little bit of fog, not a bad start looking at the temperatures 41 to 46 and have an even warmer afternoon. we could see sunshine faster than you think. i'll explain everything with our complete 9 news now forecast just a few more minutes. >> a lot of good news there. well that same storm bringing us the nasty is becoming really dangerous out in the midwest. blizzard conditions expected in north dakota, south dakota, nebraska, wyoming, minnesota, iowa and wisconsin and it will be like that through tomorrow. so far that storm is being blamed for 21 deaths and a whole lot of travel delays. one person is dead after shooting a northwest d.c. this morning. three people it turns out were shot at 5401 fourth street just
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before 5:00 a.m. 21 year old miguel ramero is the one killed and a 24 year old man and 21 year old woman both listed in critical condition tonight. witnesses say all three were in some sort of argument with another person at that party and that person shot them and ran away. fire investigators are close to determining the cause of that three alarm fire that left 40 families with little more than the clothes on their backs. armando spent the day with the residents where the fire started and it is a story you'll see only on 9 news now. >> the three alarm fire began in janet campbell's apartment. the 911 operator and her two kids barely managed to escape the blaze alive. >> i was in shock because i didn't know what to do and i was just scared. my daughter ran out the door with her pajamas on. some neighbors gave them shoes and coats but that's it. they don't have anything. >> it's just kind of sad, the day before christmas. >> with no relatives nearby,
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janet's first call was to her best friend of 20 years. >> it made me think like man, what if this was me? >> the duncans opened their hearts and district heights home to the displaced family. >> they came over here and celebrated christmas with us. >> janet tells 9 news now investigators have some good leads on probable causes. >> the fire was due to electrical. it was the circuit, two circuits damaged and it could have been going on he said maybe two to three days prior to actually coming out of my wall prince georges county spokesperson mark brady tells 9 news now that while the investigation into this blaze is still ongoing, his inspectors are leaning towards electrical problems as the probable cause of a three alarm blaze. 9 news now and >> the other 39 displaced families were able to find
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places to stay in other vacant apartments in that complex and nearby motel or with friends and family members. we went out tonight to find out how some of you spent your christmas holiday. >> this is what we do every christmas. we come out and see a movie and go eat chinese food. it's a great way, . >> we go to the movies, after having a huge meal. >> a chinese meal? >> yeah, [laughter]. how did you know? >> i'm here with my boyfriend and their family. >> and why are you here? >> to celebrate the christmas spirit by seeing avatar in 3d. [laughter] she dragged me out here tonight. >> would you be doing this every christmas night? >> oh, absolutely it's a tradition? >> pretty much. >> why are you out here? >> to see the movie avatar. i heard a lot of great things about it. it's a good opportunity for families to come out here too. >> a lot of families do movies on christmas night so it is a tradition maybe it will be one
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for us. >> [laughter]. well we've got our own tradition in our news room. we too have chinese food on christmas and we continued that tonight. you shoppers may be ready to head off to the stores tomorrow. some help for those rushing to return, it's still ahead but one of the highest paid players in the nfl lashes out against the redskins, brett with what albert hanes was saying, just a little later on. stay with us.
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we are thankful for god for the many blessings he's given us and just to be with my family and just thankful for our health. >> jason has a black eye there, doesn't he? took a pounding last week. now that the gifts are all unwrapped it's time to give
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back what you didn't like so much, so for those of you in a rush to return or just trying to take advantage of those post- christmas sales, here is a look at some early store openings for tomorrow. montgomery will open at 7:00 a.m., the mall at prince georges and pentagon city and tyson's corner all open at 8:00. in terms of individual stores, jc penny planning to open at 5 and most local kohl's and macy's will be open at 6:00. target will open at 7:00 and k- mart opens at 8:00 a.m. well are you planning to return something that didn't quite make a loved ones wish list? well buyer beware. return policies vary a great deal store to store. >> policies you want to avoid, ones that won't give you a full refund or that only give you a small window of time to return something. >> for example,, home depot allows you to return many items within 90 days but take a look at the fine print. the store reserves the right to limit or refuse or accept the return of merchandise at any time and for any reason.
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at office depot you only have 14 days to return furniture and electronics. now no matter what store it is having a receipt in hand will sure help smooth things out. you'll find many more consumer tips on our website, just click on living smart. well talk about caught on tape. >> oh, a shooting star, wow, look at that. that was awesome. >> the crew of this news helicopter was just lucky enough to catch that shooting star on tape wednesday night near los angeles. they were actually setting up for a live shot on the moon when the star streaked by right underneath it. >> that is quite a moon. >> don't see that around here too often. it's too cloudy even if it's up there. >> you definitely wouldn't have been able to see it in washington, however you'll probably be able to see it coming in as soon as top night. we finally got some better weather headed our way after a tremendous week here, record setting snows, cold temperatures, rain on top of
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everything and flooding and take a look at how people, this is a reflecting pool out at the monument and we had a great time out there, look at people skating on there. you'd think maybe the potomoc may do that, but it takes a lot of cold air to do that. let's go to our forecast. it was a fun time out there. i'm thinking sunshine back in this forecast and that could mean lower to mid 50s in many places. a little bit cooler as this final storm system lifts out of the central u.s.. it might bring a flurry or two our way. let's check out the forecast. overnight we're looking for light rain, drizzle, and fog. 39 to 45 degrees and east breeze at 10-20 miles per hour. tomorrow the light rain, sprinkles and fog, not that cold because temperatures will continue their rise with 40s tomorrow, and it's only going to go up from there with the breeze of five to 10 miles per hour and i think we will get clearing by afternoon bringing in that sunshine. could even see upper 50-degree temperatures southeast of the district in southeastern maryland. this big time storm system
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let's go to the overview forecast and through the clouds. finally get it to move out of the way, bringing sunshine back into the forecast and that aids into getting temperatures pretty nice, not only to our saturday forecast, not bad sunday as we cool down just a little bit but here is that pinpoint forecast through tonight, this forecast is a little bit overdone and still keeping the rain around. so it's on its last throws it's out of here and as it does move out that means we're on the way for sunshine moving out. this is by 1:00 and since that's overdone a little bit by keeping the rain in now you might see that sunshine as early as maybe 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning hours. a lot of sunshine sticking around in that forecast through sunday until the end of that storm system rolls around. so the seven day forecast for you, i'm going to go 53 for our high tomorrow, 47 sunday, and we've got a couple things to talk about as we get to the middle to the end of the week, however, there will we big things, flakes back in the forecast but we'll wait a few more days to just see how that
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track is going to turn out. >> thanks, appreciate it. well let us turn to the subject of albert hanesworth. he makes a lot of money and now he's talking a lot. >> well he didn't practice a lot because they sent him home from practice and once he got home he did talking and it wasn't friendly talking. look for $100 million, he should not only be the best defensive tackle in football, he should be on time, in shape, and a pleasure to work with. instead, he has had a soar puss on since week one of the season and his issues are now boiling over. the pro bowl tackle sent home from practice by jim z orn this morning after showing up late to a meeting and getting into an animated 15 minute exchange with the coach on the practice field. z orn talked about his choice to discipline him today he wasn't nasty to me and i was not nasty to him. it was just something that needed to be done. i handled things the way i felt i should and he will be back
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tomorrow and playing the game. >> but tonight, speaking to the washington post, haynesworth unleashed an avalanche of criticism directed at the coaching staff, saying, "i could not survive another season in this system if it stays the way it is. they're all against me or whatever but i know i'm right. when i go up to blash during a game, he tells me, get out of my face, go sit down, like i'm a kid or something. " haynesworth says he believes his punishment had less to do with tardiness and more to do with his comments after monday nights game that redskins need new leadership. digest that and when we come back, we'll have the year in sports in review in verse. when 9 news now continues after this. 
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well it's been a diverse year in washington sports. we had a first place team in the caps and three last place teems in the redskins, wizards and nats. we had coaching drama, big name arrivals and departures and one bingo caller so i give you the product of my once yearly headache, it is the 11th annual
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haber holiday poem, anybody got a rhyme? >> twas the evening of christmas and the fans were all stewing over what in newt year their teems would be viewing, for the redskins a year that defied explanation, a feeling of hope was the fans first insation, but then in october, they mounted a coo, as the coach was demoted, left with nothing to do. he once called the plays making defenses squim, but now all those duties would transfer to sherm, but z orn stuck his nose into add to the fun, which all left poor jason caught in the breach. he issued complaints but no freedom of speech. now the end is upon us and change will arrive, who knows by next year, which brave men will survive. will the coach and qb get the hasty heave ho, if the fans had a vote it's the owner who would go, for the nats a disaster in
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every direction, the season a loss from its very inception, the gm come alleged he was dirty as the kids that he drafted were closer to 30. 103 losses spelled curtains for manny, leaving players of need in a kick in the fanny, but rigs got the job with a temper most even and now he spends his days making prayers for tank stevens and in tip off, he relists those without the same burn, the job falls to flip now to relight the fire, but it's not even new years and their prospects are dire, for the caps, the teams magic continues to build, each time they face off now, the seats are all filled. the mvp alex leaves in a daze and by june it may be stanley cups that he will raise. a year off from dancing for john and the hoyas, though gary did better, would that please his employers? not so we would learn.
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his boss still uninspired leaving many to wonder if gary be fired but he won them a title and now it's more likely that bridge gets her and on the national scene many feats to behold, the yanks won a series and four cups for jimmy and at the open, serena went nuts in the head. mike phelps hit the gonga, and we learned who the fastest on earth was, no doubt. the heals won the tourney, the huskies lost none and the man with the bike is still not done and back here at home a sports legend departs, an owner, a leader, who touched all our hearts. so as we wind down this year of strange things and all of us wonder just what next year brings, we look back at this year with fondness and wonder, the highlights, the heartstrings, and even theblunders.
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no heros have failed us, there's more good than bad as sports still remind us of dreams we once had so open your presents and give out a cheer and may all of your sports dreams come true this new year. >> my thanks to dave satchell for the edit and to all a good night. >> was there any thoughts of adding au to the poem at all? >> take us to break please. >> okay, we'll be back. [laughter].
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a programming note for you. tomorrow night we are proud to bring you two specials here on wusa9. at 8:00 join me for our hero central holiday celebration and then at 8:30 it's metro's best of 2009. all of that tomorrow night on wusa9. finally tonight in england nothing says christmas like freezing your knickers off. today dozens of swimmers carried on a holiday tradition
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and that is plunging into the ice cold waters of the serpentine lake. that's step one and step two is warming up afterwards with a nice brandy and it is a tradition dating all the way back to 1864 and i can see a lot of getting cold. i don't see the brandy and that would be 9 news now for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. don't forget, wusa9 is always on. see you later. delicious pillsbury cinnamon rolls
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